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The BONOFA AG markets IT and software products exclusively worldwide with the developer brand 7devs. The pioneering and innovative spirit of the 7devs group is initiating a fundamental change in the international internet landscape: A new Internet era has begun – with never before seen unparalleled earning potential. With the unique opportunity to participate as an official BONOFA partnership marketer you can:

BONOFA AG – Stands for Team spirit and Family

BONOFA will help you develop your full potential and take advantage of your options. Your greatest asset is yourself. You will achieve your goals in co-operation with your partners. With first-class products, strong brands and superior technology.

BONOFA AG – Stands for Security and Growth

Get market moving opportunities and profit from the success of the 7devs group and their developments with BONOFA: work with technically superior products - and use your highly efficient, personal marketing system to control your success automatically, worldwide.

BONOFA AG – Stands for Success and Future

The BONOFA AG has its corporate headquarters in Liechtenstein. The company has numerous subsidiaries and distribution partners worldwide, who are representative of the intercultural business philosophy. As a result, international experience and values flood into ​​in product development and corporate communication.

BONOFA also means – think globally, act locally.

Every success story begins with a vision:BONOFA AG – Innovation and Vigor

BONOFA is in the right place at the right time with their vision.

When in 1991 the “World Wide Web” was made available to the public, no one would have believed that it would become a billion dollar industry a mere fifteen years later Today 72% of Germans have a mobile device with mobile internet access and 2.2 billion people are currently online worldwide, with this trend still rising steeply.

When vision and reality meet.

BONOFA AG combines two essential components that are necessary to make a modern, world-changing success story. Namely, high quality products with superior, innovative technology, which can be operated intuitively combined with the simplest way possible to market these products: The BONOFA Partnership Marketing.

Partnership Marketing – the common vision of a better world.

It’s never been easier to establish your own business model. No matter what continent you live on. An Internet connection is all you need. With this philosophy, it has become the BONOFA AG goal to redefine online retailing afresh; worldwide.

BONOFA – Equal opportunity as a business model.

Whatever your age, religion, color; each partner has an equal oppurtunity to change the world together with other BONOFA Partnership Marketers – and to fight together for the success of the individual.

Online commerce and the digital value chain will undergo a serious change where BONOFA AG plays a leading role as an innovator in the industry.


Together for progress

The basis of any successful business makes for a strong and creative management team. The managing directors of BONOFA AG are our three musketeers: All for one and one for all! Every day they work with contagious enthusiasm and full of verve to achieve our goals. For our future!

Thomas KullaCEO

Born in 1962, a successful self-made entrepreneur since 1982. Founding member and on the executive board of the Association of European Economic Advisers eV and co-founder of the European Business Academy.

Detlef TilgenkampCEO

Born in 1952, a successful entrepreneur in sales networks since 1974. Also a founding member of the Association of European Economic Advisers eV and business partner with Thomas Kulla since 1986. Annual turnover: more than 1.5 billion euros.

Martin BöhmCEO

Born in 1978, from a young age a self-made entrepreneur and sales expert at international level. From 2009 onwards the successful establishment of the international partner network. Founding member and mastermind of the BONOFA AG since 2011.

From Start-Up to Market Leader in Online Business

BONOFA AG – a fixed entity in E-Commerce.

BONOFA – one of the most valuable multilevel brand names worldwide.

Never before has a brand in Network Marketing Business gained so rapidly in value as BONOFA AG. There are several reasons for this: Firstly, never before has such an intelligent distribution system been operating as internet network marketing. Secondly, the products that were behind it, have never been so innovative – therefore better. BONOFA owns the Silicon Valley of Europe with 7devs – 100% Made in Germany.

BONOFA has a partner at his side with the developer’s brand 7devs that will fundamentally revolutionize the high-tech area in online business. From a start- up company 7devs has developed within a very short time to become one of the innovators in the industry.

This is another reason why numerous established companies are joining with BONOFA AG. With the business idea whose time has come, even old MLM foxes are smelling morning air. The trust in the BONOFA AG is significantly strengthened by the experience of its CEOs. In 2012, veterans Thomas Kulla and Detlef Tilgenkamp joined with her congenial partner for online trading, Martin Boehm, together to breath life into the innovation and vision of partnership marketing.

To put it in the words of Warren Buffet , one of the most successful investors of our time: “The investment in a network marketing company was the best investment I’ve ever made.”